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Company visit Sint-Bavo from Ghent

Company visit Sint-Bavo from Ghent

They came, listened and tasted that it was good. On Tuesday, May 24, we had some special people over at Thiry in Ghent. The boys and girls of the specialisation economy/modern languages of the Sint-Bavoschool (also from Ghent) visited our warehouses.
Papillon supports Foodsavers

Papillon supports Foodsavers

The day before Christmas, fruit company Van Lier donated 500 kilograms of Papillon fruit to Foodsavers. A Christmas present delivered to social affairs official Tom Meeuws. The fruit was delivered by the fruitastic Papillon tram to the Luchtbal Park & Ride, and then taken to the nearby Foodsavers distribution centre.

Which fruitastic fruit are you?

Groovy mango

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