“Time to get funkylicious!”


Funky Orange.

We have no qualms about describing our premium oranges as one of the healthiest fruits around.

Not only are they super yummy, they also pack everything your body needs. And yes, eating an orange takes a bit more effort, but it is more than worth it! Let’s see why.

Vitamin C

One orange contains 116% of the daily supply of vitamin C your body needs. Vitamin C not only increases your immunity, it also fights cholesterol, and helps keep your skin supple – yep, oranges help fight orange-peel skin!

Folic acid

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B11, is not produced by the body, but it needs it to grow and function. So it’s important to absorb it through our diet. That’s why folic acid is prescribed as a vitamin supplement in pregnancy.


An orange contains more antioxidants than any other fruit. That means that oranges help to fight ageing and damage to molecules in the body. So you can stay fit and funky!

“No fuzz,
just eat

Cool Kiwi

Cool Kiwi.

News flash: you really don’t need to peel a kiwi! Just rub off the fuzzy stuff and tuck in!

Not only is it quite cool to see how surprised people are, but it’s also a source of extra nutrients and fibre. Not that there’s any shortage of good things in a kiwi, as this beautiful green fruit is also crammed full of unique vitamins and minerals. Check them out here!

Vitamin C

Kiwis rival oranges when it comes to vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for good health. Among other things, it protects the cells in your body and boosts your resistance. The great thing about kiwis is that they contain ingredients that enhance the effect of vitamin C!


Kiwis also contain more fiber than most other fruits. Kiwis help maintain good intestinal flora and, thanks to their unique combination of fibers working together, they provide relief from constipation. Yes, it’s not an urban legend – kiwis really are a natural laxative!


Actiwhat?! Kiwis are the only type of fruit to contain the enzyme actinidin. This enzyme helps us to digest proteins and thus boosts the digestive process overall. But that’s not all: kiwis also contain very few calories. In other words, kiwis can help you lose weight. Pretty cool, right?

“A mango a
day keeps
the doctor away.”

Groovy Mango

Groovy Mango.

The mango is often called the king of tropical fruits, with good reason.

It’s one of the most popular fruits all over the world, there are hundreds of varieties and there is no end to its nutritional and medicinal benefits. Groovy, baby!

Vitamin E

Mangoes are rich in vitamin E. The most significant benefit of this vitamin is the improvement of your stamina. Mangoes also contain a large amount of potassium and magnesium, so eating them even makes your body produce hormones that increase the libido – Yeah baby, yeah.


This antioxidant reduces the risk of developing asthma. It also helps to care for and repair your skin. In combination with vitamin C, also abundant in mangoes, it’s even said to be a remedy for acne!

Vitamin B6

This vitamin helps improve our brain functions, sleep patterns and mood. Mangoes also contain glutamic acid, which improves our ability to concentrate, keeps us mentally focused and helps us remember better – the perfect brain food!

“Get your

Bossy Banana

Bossy Banana.

Who hasn’t wondered why bananas are curved?

The answer is impressive to put it mildly – it’s because they are trying to grow towards the sun against the force of gravity – like a boss! Yep, bananas are definitely the boss fruit – easy to eat and packed with vitamins and minerals. Check them out here!


This is where bananas really come into their own. Almost no fruit contains as much potassium.The main role of potassium is to regulate blood pressure and fluid balance in our bodies. Combined with their low sodium content, this makes our curvy friend an ideal blood pressure reducer.


Bananas contain the antioxidants carotene and phenol, which help to improve the eyesight and prevent cancer. But did you know that bananas also contain dopamine? This neurotransmitter has an influence on movement, enjoyment, attention, mood and motivation. Go, go, go Bananas!


Bananas contain lots of fiber. They are a food source for the good bacteria in our intestines that maintain healthy intestinal flora (probiotics). Contrary to popular belief, bananas do not cause constipation!

“The Mighty
here to save
the day.”

Mighty Mandarin

Mighty Mandarin.

The mandarin: mighty tasty, and mighty full of vitamins and minerals.

They are part of the same citrus family as oranges, so they can boast of similar virtues. Find out about the most interesting ones below!


The real reason why fruit is healthy. These are compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. They reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, and tangeretin, the flavonoid found in a mandarin, is even known as the most powerful cancer inhibitor of all – How mighty is that!


The reason mandarins have such a great orange-red colour and are a source used by the body to produce vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary for the immune system and healthy cell development. But that’s not all: they make it easier to see when it gets dark.


Get this: the scent of a mandarin produces serotonin in your body – the substance that makes you feel happier. So mandarins reduce our stress levels and give us a good night’s sleep. They might even counteract depression – Yep, mandarins make you happy!


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